Friday, June 29, 2007

Culmination of 8 months of photo taking

Hellooo, first proper post on this blog, which was started after my exodus from blog-city. Well more like we got kicked out, but whatever.

I've had my camera since about November last year, and I'd like to think that I've learnt tons between then and now. I'm quite satisfied with the photos I take now, at least they're quite decent. Still got lots to learn, and lots to experiment. Anyways, here's a compilation of my favorite photos taken from last year till now.

This was taken Pangkor, during our spring break. Iib's on the left, Tata's on the right, I stood in the middle and just held the shutter down while they ran across. Deleted all other frames, but this one was a keeper.

2 months ago, I suddenly noticed a large number of various sorts of spiders around my house. And so the spider craze began. This one's a St. Andrew's Spider, which looks dangerous and all but is actually docile and poses no harm at all. A gorgeous subject to shoot.

This one got me real excited. I'd referred to all my online resources, consulted with some experts I could contact, none could ID it. Then I met another fellow local bug-geek, and he managed to ID it, as a neogea nocticolor.

Then I started joining and organizing macro outings with some fellow photographers, and we'd go deep into jungles hunting interesting looking bugs. A favorite spot of ours is FRIM, good variety of insects there. This one's a Damselfly resting on a leaf.

Bugs like this, a Curved Spiny Spider, Gasteracantha Arcuata, which is rather rare, and it was a real treat to have spotted it.

Around my house I've got a good variety of spiders too, this one's a male Lynx spider getting eaten by a significantly larger female (on the right). In the bug world, females rule.

I also enjoy shooting dragonflies, and have developed my own technique to approach them. I can get up close as an inch away from one, without it flying off. Here are my favorite dragonfly shots.

I have the names of all these dragonflies but I'm too lazy to type them up, haha. The last 2 are yellow-winged darters though, the most common dragonfly I find around here.

I have many more pics to share, but they'll have to wait for another post. Been a wonderful past 8 months hunting bugs, something I really enjoy. Here's to more bug pics soon. :D

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A new start

Blog-city tells me that soon they'll no longer be supporting free accounts, and thusly, my blog will be deleted. Great, I'd always been looking for a reason to switch over to blogger, guess I have one now.

Thursday, August 19, 2004


I've been on blog-city for a while, trying out blogspot now :)